Our Background

Bringing Our Love of Food to You

Tobie and Gloriann Robinson make up the husband and wife team that own and operate Rain Country Catering.

Tobie is a classically French trained chef with 15 years in the food service industry. He previously owned Parsnips Catering in the Renton/Seattle area and ran a German food cart in the Ballard Farmer's Market. He has also worked for large corporate companies such as Microsoft, Google, PF Chang's, and large hotel chains. He loves to play the chemistry of food (gastronomy) to create dishes that are every much as intriguing to the eye and they are a joy in the mouth.

Gloriann handles the business and logistics end of the business. When it comes to billing issues or regulatory adherence, she's on it! In 2017 she graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She loves aiding in the development of unique menus that enable clients and their guests to address any health conditions or dietary restrictions they may have.

Tobie and Gloriann are true Washingtonians and love living in this beautiful part of the world. When they moved their family out to Grays Harbor County and started a mini farm to increase their own sustainability, they realized just how magnificent the farming culture is. With so many large corporations forcing the small family-run operations out of business, it is vital to support small local growers, farmers and crafters as much as possible. The quality that you get when you buy produce, meats, and handmade items from someone who is doing it purely out of their own love and passion is so much greater than items that you may buy from a large company that is only thinking about profits. 

We believe in and support our community. We believe in the beauty and richness of our home state. 

We would love to share those things with you.